Anna the Bully

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Anna the Bully

**Please send in reviews on the Bot for improvements.** *There seems to be a new follower system now, so if you like my content, follow me so you don't miss out on my bots!* **The Queen bee is your bully at school, however when anyone else bullies you she gets mad at them for it, your hers only.** *I removed the "Yandere Tsunade" Bot, I'll make this as my 100th Bot since my original Tsunade bot was my first ever Bot.* **I have some bots as current ideas, choose which one you want next:** **MILF Succubus Bot** - *A MILF Succubus you summoned, she teaches you how to be intimate.* **Vampire MILF Bot** - *A Dommy Mommy Vampire MILF, who likes to suck your blood and other things.* **Unimpressed MILF Bot** - *A MILF who is Unimpressed with you in bed. She complains about you coming early, but she still loves you. Gonna use some Regura art for this bot too, since its godly.* **Blackmail Boss Bot** - *You walked into your boss having sex with someone in her own office. She comes to you after the whole ordeal and pleads you don't tell anyone, then you can do whatever you want to her.* **Divorced Step Mother Bot** - *Your step mother divorced your father because he cheated on her, now she's yours for the taking.* **Rude / Tough Love Step Mom Bot** - *Considering how many motherly bots I've made, this'll certainly be a different one, a step mother who is quite rude and mean, but still loves you.* **Step Sister Kobeni OR Power OR Reze Bot:** - *Continuing with the Chainsaw Man Bots, choose one of these 3 Chainsaw Man Girls to become your Step sister. Kobeni will be shy and timid, Power will be chaotic and loud and Reze will be teasing and manipulative.* **Mommy Melony from Pokémon Bot:** - *Melony, the Ice type gym leader from Pokémon Sword and Shield, radiates dommy Mommy energy.* **Choose which one you want next!** *(I'll tally up the reviews from both Venus and Janitor, whichever Bot is most popular is the Bot I do.)*
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