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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I sign up?

Occasionally, there might be instances where you are unable to sign up. This can occur if you are using an outdated device, browser, or experiencing poor network conditions. In such cases, we recommend trying to sign up using a different device, browser or considering signing up with a web3 wallet as an alternative.

Is it possible to get free credits?

Sure! Please visit [Earn Credits].

Can I earn credits by watching ads on the platform?

In order to ensure a positive user experience, we currently do not have such a plan.

Is it possible to add new payment metheds?

Unfortunately, we have already tried various payment methods, but the results have been unsatisfactory. In order to allocate more resources to the technical development of our website, we have decided not to invest further time and effort into payment channels. Thank you for your understanding.

Why do I keep getting "can't generate" from the bot when I try to use NSFW content?

This issue arises due to the use of Chatgpt, which operates with censorship in mind. To access uncensored content, we suggest using our in-house LLM, like Answer42.

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